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Re: Limit on # of figures in HTH?

I feel a great disturbance in the force...
It's as if dozens of list subscribers with instant notification flagged suddenly gagged in fear of non-silence and were right about that.

Motion seconded.  Thank you Jay, keep writing!  (And where are your political screeds to be found?) 

=errr... read. Read. I couldn't write anything that good!

Okay, it's been awhile since I've been quite so gobsmacked by a comment on whateverinthehellonecallsthis ... content I ... produce.
I'm tempted to follow the immediate concern I felt for Your well being upon reading this but ended up arguing Myself out of assuming anything other than a fully competent individual was responsible for said comment owing to a combination of brevity, the intranets, and Jay rather than insanity and tried to shake it off and grab some shut eye but by 2am I gave up hope for a little death and gave into the Little People's ranting in My noggin I pass off as "mulling things over" but You canibus keep the liquor as far as I'm concerned as I think i've sussed how to render unto Ceasar what is Salazar's hear but fear if estado novo do that hodo that I do like hell and may as well try chopping down the largest tree in the forest with a red herring when the rub is halibut good enough for Joe H ya which is nie if'n 1c what I did there but hope is likely best abandoned via faebookakie unless My latest survey response got Me the twitter treatment aka gone the way of the Dodo which is par for the course of course off course Ed.d's D.ed? Ed's Gnu (Ed. Note: Gnu is NOT Unix) (Note note neither is Viagra Ed typing of D.ed's)
I'll attempt hitting My points as standalone rants trying to hit a few of the main points concisely... and clarity and a box of $50's while I'm obviously in Lala land annnnnd wtf ubuntu? Italics?
Scuze Me Ubuntu... looks like ol' do no evil aw nevermind's behind this & I keep forgetting browser = chrome pretty much whatever os and that's just IEEEEEE scary in this Netscape where a cia info dump of like a million pages onto the intranets sounds like a public disclosure win except it's all been opened up to both public access and push button redaction which is MUCH simpler than loosing actual paperwork outside of military operation of course but it took real bureaucratic talent for nasa to loose the apollo telemetry data for instance with secondary paper trails aplenty amongst facilities/departments but I'm screeding bout dhs with ssid's to have a looksee at so I can hunker down to it.
Par happenin Cpt.