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TFT Psionics - Telepathy, Part 2

Dominate Reaction:

Roll 3vs this skill to cause the subject to notice you favorably. They will want to help you for reasons that will be unclear to them (but their subconscious will rationalize a reason). The effect of this is to give you +1 per your telepathic power on on any reaction rolls. (So if you have 3 power (that is 3 mIQ assigned to Telepathy) you gain a +3 reaction roll.) On a critical failure of your roll, the reaction bonus is reversed. (So in the above example, instead of getting a +3 reaction you would get a –3 reaction.)

This effect lasts for as long as you maintain contact with the subject and concentrate on this discipline. Obviously it works best with transfer modes that do not require you to be unconscious.

A reaction bonus of up to +2 or +3 is fairly easy for the subject to rationalize. You just 'seem trustworthy' or something to them. A higher reaction or better starts to feel uncanny, so you may chose to limit your reaction bonus to +2 or +3 to avoid making them suspicious.

A person with Trained Will talent may be immune. You should start a contest of X:XvsIQ with a subject with this talent. If you succeed, your ability works. If you tie (both succeed or both fail), you gain no bonus and can not try again for an hour. If you fail, and they make their roll, the subject with Trained Will, is aware that you are using some strange ability to manipulate them.

Emotional Manipulation: (Coreq. Empathy)

This is the ability to manipulate the victim's emotions. Someone with this discipline is sometimes known as a 'Projecting Telempath'.

If the subject knows that you are doing this, they can attempt to govern their actions by intellect. However, if you can do this subtly enough that they are not aware that they are being manipulated, you can have huge amount of influence over their behavior.

If the subject has the talent Trained Will, you can not do this so subtly that they are not unaware of it. They automatically know someone is manipulating them.

Two rolls are required to use this discipline. First a skill roll to change the emotion, then an IQ roll is made to try to prevent the subject from noticing their emotions are being manipulated. (If you use this against someone with Trained Will, the IQ roll fails.)

The difficulty of the skill roll is based on how long you want the effect to last. 2vs This Skill if the emotion engendered is fleeting. 3vs This Skill if the emotion should last for a two or three minutes. 4vs This Skill if the emotion should last for an hour or two. And 5vs This Skill if the emotion should reflect a permanent change in the person. If this roll is blown, there is no effect and you can't try again for 1 hour times the amount that you blew the roll by.

(Example: you want the subject to feel deep affection or love for you for an hour. This would be a 4vs Skill roll. If you failed the roll by 3, you can't try again for 3 hours.)

The difficulty of the IQ roll is based on how strong the emotion is. It is a 2vsIQ for a subtle change in emotion (e.g. going from fond of you to likes you). It is a 3vsIQ for a significant change (e.g. going from fond of you to really likes you). It is a 4vsIQ for a strong change (e.g. going from fond of you to loves you). And it is 5 or more dice to make an extreme, out of character change (e.g. to go from hates you to loves you would require 7vsIQ).

If the IQ roll is blown, they know someone is manipulating their mind.


Roll 3vs this skill to get a feel for the subject's emotions. If they are hiding their emotion (for example they are trying to appear happy when they are really depressed), you will notice the deception.

You will also know what their default emotional state is and what emotion has dominated them in the last couple days. (Is this person generally upbeat? What have they been feeling for the last 24 hours?)

This ability is very useful to detect lying. If you make your skill roll, you gain a bonus in the lying contest based on your power. (So if you had put 4 mIQ into Telepathy, you would get a +4 bonus on the lying content.)

Erase Memory: (Coreq. Send Thoughts)

You must have established a link to the victim and maintain it while using this discipline.

This is a very difficult to do task. You can spend hours tracking down all the links to a memory and months later, some smell triggers it, and the whole thing returns. Perhaps it is better to think of this as not so much erasing the memory, as making it hard to retrieve.

This discipline is easier to do if the subject is unconscious while you are working. If the subject is unconscious, the skill rolls listed below are a die easier. (The IQ half of the pair of rolls, is not affected.)

The time to use this ability is 12 hours minus your power (minimum 2 hours).

To remove a memory requires an X vs this skill AND an X vs IQ roll, for EACH hour the process takes. The value of X is based on the type of memory that is being removed.

--- 2 dice if the memory is a recently learned fact that does not tie in to anything emotionally important to the victim (e.g. a date they are trying to remember for a history test). Also such surface memories take 1/3 as much time to erase as the rule above gives (minimum 1 hour).

--- 3 dice if the memory is a recent memory of something important to the user. This should be something seen or heard or thought about for a short time (less than a minute or so). (e.g. the face of the person who broke into the bank.)

--- 4 dice if the memory lasts several minutes. Events that took place more than 2 days ago always take at least this much effort. (e.g. everything about a bank robbery which lasted 12 minutes, and took place two weeks ago.)

--- 5 or more dice for memories that have been laid down long ago, and have many references and associations. Such memories are rarely removed cleanly. (e.g. forgetting a girl the subject is in love with starting 5 year ago, would be a 7 die roll.)

If some rolls were made, and others failed, the memory will usually seem to vanish but it will return in a few hours to a few days. (If several rolls were blown the memory returns more quickly.)

Usually some attempt is made to cause the victim to forget that they had someone probing about inside their mind. This requires an extra 4vs This Skill saving throw, at the end of the process, and if the roll is made, 90% of the time the victim will forget that their memories were tampered with.

There is one way this can be used quickly. The psion makes a 4vs This Skill and shocks the memory formation part of the brain (this takes only 3 turns). All memories from the last 5 to 8 minutes will be forgotten. (Basically they do not move from short term to medium and long term memory.)

Establish Telepathic Link

This allows you to create a durable mental link to another mind. You may have one link for every 5 power (round up) that you have. You may telepathically communicate with anyone you have a link with.

If you have a telepathic link with someone (sometimes called a 'deep link'), you can search thru the subject's mind at will. It may take a long time, but you will eventually be able to find what ever knowledge or secrets they have. (Typically 10 to 30 minutes for obscure knowledge which they rarely think of, much less time for things 'on their mind'.)

The subject will notice this link, it can not be hidden. They will know another mind is touching their mind. If they concentrate for one turn (doing no other action), they can make a 4vsIQ they can get a sense of the direction of the psion relative to them within 15 degrees or so.

It requires a 3vsIQ to establish a telepathic link if the subject is willing. If the subject is resisting, it requires a 5vsIQ. (If the subject is resisting and has Trained Will talent, then you have a –3 adj IQ to this roll.)

To establish a telepathic link, you must touch their mind with a transfer mode, but once the link is established, it remains even if you move beyond the range set by the transfer mode, or even if the transfer mode is turned off. The maximum range of the link is your power times 100 km.

The link is broken if you will it off, if your fall unconscious or if you lose your psychic powers somehow.

Hide Thoughts: (coreq Receive Thoughts)

This discipline makes you mentally invisible to psionic spying. Anyone trying to read your mind, senses nothing; it is as if you are in a dreamless sleep.

Another telepath can not form a telepathic link to you. It is as if your mind is not there.

You may not have a link to another mind when this discipline is in effect.

To activate this requires a 2vs This Skill. The effect will last for X * X minutes, where X is your telepathic power.

A more powerful version of this discipline requires a 4vs This Skill. It will hide your mind from psionic AND magical spying. However, you think very slowly while under Deeper Hide Thoughts, your IQ is at a –4 modifier for all IQ saving throws (including rolls to notice things and all psionic rolls verses IQ).