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Re: A couple more Environmental Spells. - Jack's comments.

"Most GMs have some idea of an intended story, and they'll nudge the game as it proceeds."

Yeah, that story thing is an issue for Moi, as is the "game master" role which I prefer to tag as game organizational director which hardly matters really but I try to maintain that the purpose of entertainment is in the final analysis to in fact entertain ergo I don't take anything away from a proven approach simply because of My personal issues with it and wouldn't bother mentioning it as stand alone criticism with nothing constructive to offer as anternate possibilities to apply a different kind of artifice upon the form which in fact is largely rooted in the solo adventure aspect that was prevalent in the early form and TFT is the runt of the litter of the grand daddies of table top RPG's IMHO not too mention I mash up most of SJ 's stuff in GRIPES ergo I inflict Myself here and lucky Y'all My banashment from social media means My tours ended and I'm fiddlin with the production nut I'm cracking up but My chops need a touch of rust knocked off... and its a REALLY screwy time to stake any kind of deadlines for delivery currently IMHO so I actually have the attention free to turn to speculative screeds and over analysis of whatever catches My interest at the moment... unfortunate as it is it is what it is whatever that is... sorry about that.

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