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Re: Any email games? Rick is GM'ing The Slope.

Hi Marianne.
  I am running a play by email TFT game (using my own rule mods), 
on the world called The Slope.  

  If you check out the game's wiki, you could likely get an idea if you
are interested in joining us.


  This page has my house rules which are being used.


  Warm regards, Rick.

On 2017-09-05, at 7:59 AM, <b.marianne@tutanota.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been looking for a TFT game for a while and haven't had much success, they mostly seem inactive. I know this list isn't a game so hopefully this isn't too off topic. Just wondering if anyone can point me to some still active TFT email games.
> Apologies if I'm taking things off the normal topic. I've just been having the itch for a while.
> Marianne