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Re: Any email games?


Star Whores aint the half of it 
Anyone see the state of comics?
Must be nice to tank an industry to push personal agenda
I'm trying to keep Me outta what is meant for anybody carring enough to put the effort into a go while espn is pushing social justice to fusball audiences the natzi resurgence has grown so problimatic across most of the country I assume as I'm pretty bfe for the contingent 48 anyway with a mountainish range twixt Me and the nearest urban area which I note has enough dillagent monsters hunting natzi monsters like an army of blade runners... irregulars... formed pre Tyrell industrys... still no Simpsons bear patrol but I haven't seen a single natzi and I have seen bear so at least it's obvious the natzi hunting is working and I'm in germany not the united states... and this LOOKS like english but how would "I" know what english looks like much less die Deutsch especially if Mandelaed into hun culture such that I've the same lack of any grasp of the language and picked up the filthy habbit of butchering it at the same points on My subjective timeline so I'd fail to understand what I'm writing in the same way I'm illiterate in all languages and qed... except... this feels like the colour blue I babbled on about the unknowability of subjectively and was killing the debate until that damn crayon box I'd forgotten about sherlocked Me 

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