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Re: Any email games?

Met with a regional investment group this afternoon

Told to work up a final draft of business plan and schedule follow up

I know I'm not interested in throwing out the dishwater along with the baby but I'm also aware I don't have the... moral constitution to market in the same way I lack interest in business sufficient to manage a concern well over the long haul... I also know venture capital is milk You until feeling the creative design is objectively asseted & outlined then its get rid of them as passion has no place in totalitarian marketing and a couple of grads or first hires in the game industry are not going to scream about content they didn't develop being cut out for dlc or the like
Got screwed royally the first salary I took
I was flattered and didn't negotiate trying to be cooperative
The last one saw Me leaving at 4 over the summer as I was daylight savings exempt unexpectedly getting a throw away demand through although had I known I'd have pushed for no use of the letter 'e' instead even though an hour ahead of rush was pretty sweet practically sp... typing.
Crazy makes better story than practical and I was in St Louis not Dallas/Ft Worth
I might just have made an indirect argument for a biography talk about Your Vogon poetry...
Ode to a lump of putty.

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