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Huge Announcement from Steve Jackson

The Fantasy Trip Returns Home

At the beginning of my career, long before GURPS, I created a
roleplaying game called The Fantasy Trip. For decades, the rights have
been held by Metagaming, a publisher which is no longer in operation.
I'm very pleased to announce that I have regained the eight TFT
releases that I wrote myself: Melee, Wizard, Death Test, Death Test 2,
Advanced Melee, Advanced Wizard, In the Labyrinth, and Tollenkar's

This is just an initial announcement, to invite you to celebrate with
me a day that has been a long time coming!

I have no idea yet about release schedules. I will probably have to
answer most questions with "I don't know yet" - but feel free to use
the button below to go to the forum discussion of this post, and try
me . . . or just share memories of the game!