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Re: Howdy All

On Sat, 6 Jan 2018 09:37:52 -0800
Jim Kundert <gypsycomet@gmail.com> wrote:

> All the source material would take a few more years to free up.

As Brett mentioned, SJ has all his material back, and that was what
I'd meant.  He mentioned he has recovered 8 releases:

Advanced Melee
Advanced Wizard
In the Labyrinth
Tollenkar's Lair
Death Test
Death Test II

I'd love to see the rest of the Microquests also be released, but the
individual authors would have to file to regain their rights in the same
way that SJ did.  I know Guy McLimore is interested in seeing what could
happen with GrailQuest (my favorite of the MQs).

Silver Dragon and Unicorn Gold, being HT designs, are unlikely to see
the light of day again.   

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