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Re: Combat Acrobatics in TFT.

> 1) I think RAW TFT is lacking a mundane ability to fight more defensively
> without sacrificing all offense with the Defend option. I would want to
> houserule something that represents fighters trying to avoid being hurt,
> and takes their skill into account, and applies even to low-point-level
> characters, before adding talents representing combat experts on top of
> that.

The variant I tried for a while was that you could adjust your DX down,
and your opponent's DX down.

Want to decrease their chance to hit you? Spend a few DX to reduce theirs,
but yours goes down, too. Very useful if you have multiple attackers,
where you're effectively multiplying the bonus.

Works at lower levels pretty well, but again, if your DX is high enough,
you just burn everything over 15 every turn. On the other hand. in actual
combats, the high-DX/skill guy takes apart beginners anyway, and this at
least moves 2 very high-DX types fighting each other into decent values
for adjDX.

Neil Gilmore