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Re: Mounted combat

I did write, “any figure who moves 10 to 19 hexes…” 

Basically if TFT is going to have momentum rules, it makes
sense to me that it applies to everything.

Warm regards, Rick.

On 2018Aug 1,, at 16:11, John Linzy <jslinzy@gmail.com> wrote:

Rick, your solution was pretty much what my mind was coming up with while reading Guy’s post.  I think the only thing I’d add is that this would apply to any charging 2-hex or larger creature regardless if there’s a rider on it or not.


Originally Posted by guymc <viewpost.gif>

As a matter of fact, it has been addressed. In the updated Mounted Combat rules, if a horse has moved more than 8 hexes in a single turn and then engages a single man on foot, the horse is treated as if it were a three-hex figure. Thus, the man is engaged, but the horse and rider are not.

Hi everyone, guy.
Thinking about this, it seems weird to me. No other critters get a "+1 hex in size" if they move 8 hexes. It seems a strange little patch to fix the problems that horses are hard to engage with guys on foot. 3 hex war horses (and those war horses were HUGE), is a better solution, IMHO.

But if this, "Move Fast & Increase Your Size", is going to be a thing, how about this:

Any figure who moves...
... 10 to 19 hexes in a turn gets +1 to their size (for engagement purposes). // A trot.
... 20 to 29 hexes in a turn gets +3 to their size (for engagement purposes). // A canter.
... 30 to 39 hexes in a turn gets +6 to their size (for engagement purposes). // A gallop.

So a small, two hex riding horse that is trotting is not engaged by a single footman.

A 3 hex war horse at a canter is not engaged by 2 footmen.

A 3 hex war horse at a gallop is not engaged by 3 footmen.

If a horse is not engaged by you and moves thru your hex in movement, you are knocked back as it brushes by you. Make a 3vsDX if it is cantering, or a 4vsDX if it is galloping. If you fail, you are knocked back one hex and fall. (And of course later horses could trample you in passing.)

Optionally, being knocked back could do 1d-2 falling damage.

Some rules like this, would capture the power of a cavalry charge.

Comments welcome!

Warm regards, Rick.