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Re: Mounted combat

I'm not clear what exact situation and effects you are looking for.

If you want cavalry to be able to plow through a line of men one-man deep, it seems to me it does not matter if your horse is engaged or not, because even if it were not engaged, you are not allowed to move through their hex except via a "push".

And, "push" is NOT limited by being engaged, but by being a larger (in hexes) figure than the figures pushed, and by exceeding their ST. Even if you have a 14-hex dragon and are not engaged, you still stop your movement after one hex when you "push".

If you want to be able to plow right through them and keep going at speed, then I think an entirely new rule is called for (e.g. you could attempt this in GURPS, even with one-hex figures).

(Otherwise, I think the engagement situation is broken in the usual ways, in that engagement (not push/trample) shouldn't stop movement in any case, but moving out of it should grant an attack opportunity.)