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Re: Name of a fighting style - anti HTH.

I'm sorry I can't help Rick, but I do think this is a really nice idea, regardless of the label. 

I also like the idea of a generic label, or possibly extending its utility depending on whether HTH is low frequency in the campaign (as it is in ours). eg, if something like "Stability" or "Balanced", it suggests a trait that might also keep the fighter on their feet when traversing fallen bodies, difficult ground. Something like "Wary Fighter" suggests a more specific ability to read and counter opponents, ie more likely to be limited to HTH.

But labels aside, what kind of bonus are you thinking of? eg to the single roll for success? Maybe a free attack on the incoming figure, as TBH I think even the toughest MMA grapplers would be VERY hesitant to go low and try to take down someone armed (and trained!) with an axe, sword, or other melee weapon. I suppose if the MMA had to try HTH, they would probably try to counter off their foes attack. 

On Fri, 10 Aug 2018, at 03:41, Rick wrote:
>   But I’m looking for a name of a fighting style which could logically 
> give people a bonus to stop goblins from jumping you in HTH.