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Re: Name of a fighting style - anti HTH.

Hi Robert,
  I’m thinking that if you have this talent, you can add one to the 
“Defensive 1 Die Roll on HTH Attempt”.  Values of 6 or higher 
means that the guy is knocked back and you get a free hit on him.

Warm regards, Rick.

> On 2018Aug 10,, at 06:41, Robert Ward <rob@dolwen.com> wrote:
> ...
> But labels aside, what kind of bonus are you thinking of? eg to the single roll for success? Maybe a free attack on the incoming figure, as TBH I think even the toughest MMA grapplers would be VERY hesitant to go low and try to take down someone armed (and trained!) with an axe, sword, or other melee weapon. I suppose if the MMA had to try HTH, they would probably try to counter off their foes attack. 
> On Fri, 10 Aug 2018, at 03:41, Rick wrote:
>>  But I’m looking for a name of a fighting style which could logically 
>> give people a bonus to stop goblins from jumping you in HTH.
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