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Fighting Styles ReImagined

Actually, this may not be a bad idea

What if two martial art masters were fighting, each player has a hand of stances ( or styles) to choose from.  Style X might give a +1 DX bonus vs Style Y, etc.  You could also limit a players options : from Style X you can shift over to Y but not Z.

The bear would actually be in coming with such a system but it might turn a battle between martial arts masters into more of a chess match.


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Blocked and ignored.

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Of course, don't mention it.
I added athletics quite some time ago, essentially fatigue feats for Hero types as well as action time or turns shorter than 5 seconds per so it's been awhile since I had to translate hand to hand combat to grappeling/wresteling so I wasn't as point on as possible but thinking outside of the box never hurt a generic universal RPG system that I'm aware of not to mention if "I" personally had to go after Chuck Norris I'm not gonna plan a physical altercation to do so. Maybe in a tank... Who M'noren what possibilities present?