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Re: Name of a fighting style - anti HTH.

Another word you might use is Fend.


On Fri, 10 Aug. 2018, 12:42 Rick, <rick_ww@lightspeed.ca> wrote:
Hi all,
  I was hoping that someone might know of a fighting style which:

— You could use weapons with, AND
— Made it harder to get into HTH with you.

  If this style also…

— Made it easier to get into HTH with others, that would be a bonus.

I remember reading some expert on this site saying a long time ago,
that some fighting style was used for fighting guys in plate armor
where they were basically wrestling in armor using swords like
crowbars agents the enemy.

  But I’m looking for a name of a fighting style which could logically
give people a bonus to stop goblins from jumping you in HTH.

  Warm regards, Rick.
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