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Re: Flail weapons over shields

I've heard it said that the weapon would be kept in continuous motion and would be slow to get moving again. That could be taken to mean that the weapon would need a recovery turn only after a hit?

The Wikipedia page suggests weapons of this type were rare, so they shouldn't be too good.

It would certainly be easy to screw up a parry against one of these.


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Hi Joe,

I sent this to both email addresses, but it didn’t show up on the site archive.   

Just checking on the status.

- John Paul

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Joe, its been ages since I contributed.  I’ve forgotten how to do it.  Do I email you and then you post it for me?

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All that talk last month about hooking enemies, got me to thinking about pole and chain weapons.

Historical Question:  How were morning stars and flails used in ancient times?

What Stat would a one handed morning star have?

What Stat would a pole-arm flail have?

How would they work in combat?

Would they overcome a shield?  How?

Would a flail type weapon need to take 1 turn to recover?

- Hail Melee,
John Paul

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