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Re: Flail weapons over shields

Hi John Paul.
  I gave each TFT weapon type a minor perk to make them feel 
different from each other.  Flails and morning stars are able to 
wrap around shields, in my campaign.

  At low levels, they act normally.  At higher levels of skill, the 
defender when hit by such a weapon, had to make a 4vsDX or 
his shield stops half, round down.

  Since these various weapon perks required 3 levels of skill or 
higher, most people couldn’t use them so normal combats and 
fights verses mooks, stayed fast.  Only PC’s and bosses used 

  Warm regards, Rick.

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Hi Joe,

I sent this to both email addresses, but it didn’t show up on the site archive.   

Just checking on the status.

- John Paul

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