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Re: Min, No Neg ST limits for non-humans

So you force hobbits to have an ST of 21 before they can wear plate?

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From: Rick <rick_ww@lightspeed.ca>
Date: 7/19/19 6:31 AM (GMT-07:00)
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Subject: Re: Min, No Neg ST limits for non-humans

Hi Dan, everyone.

I’ve not seen it as a problem that Hobbits end up wearing lighter 
armor than Reptile men or humans.

(In standard TFT, hobbits gain such nice bonuses that they are 
over powered, I’ve tuned them down in my house rules, and 
Steve Jackson also did so in the new version of TFT.)

Reptilites have such high ST than they tend to wear heavier 

You are welcome to multiply the threshold # & no-negative # by 
the creature’s size multiplier, but I’m not tempted to do so.

Warm regards, Rick.

On 2019Jul 19,, at 04:40, Dan <drfaustus61@cox.net> wrote:

I was reviewing your article on “Fine Armor” today.
In one of your examples, you talk about a hobbit lass desiring fine leather.  The Min ST and No_Neg ST values for this armor are 13 and 15, respectively.   That’s quite beefy for a hobbit.
Since a hobbit is a 0.6 hex creature, shouldn’t these limits be multiplied by the creatures hex size as well?  Thus, our hobbit sized armor now has a Min ST of 13*0.6, or 7.8 (rounded equals 8) and a No-Neg limit of 15*0.6, or 9.   These values seem much more “hobbity”.
Note this change would also negatively impact your reptile and gargoyle characters.
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