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The USA inches (slightly) closer to the metric system.

Hi all,
  Sorry for the off topic post, but this amused me.

  In the USA there are two different versions of the foot.
The international foot and the American survey foot.
The two have a ratio of 99.999998 % difference, and 
which one is used depends on the state.

  The international foot is 0.3048 of a meter, where as 
the American foot is 1200/3937 of a meter (an endless 

  The tiny difference occasionally causes confusion and 
mistakes, so it now looks like the USA will standardize 
on the international foot since this will make it easier to 
convert from GPS measurements (which are given in 

  So the American foot will become 0.000002% closer to 
the metric system.

  I guess you all have to toss out your rulers and buy new 


  Warm regards, Rick.