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Counters of Mind Blowing Awesomeness, also from Rick Smith

Hi Ed & All;

Got a package as well, it arrived just yesterday, no Goblin Keeps but some absolutely stunning counters Rick made in 1996.  I'm going to figure out how to post some partial* images to show his ink work on these counters, it's frankly mind blowing.   (*Partial because it's Rick's work, not mine, and I cannot go giving away his counters. )

Rick, you're a real artist !   You should find a way to get that 19 hex dragon counter out there, scratch that, you should get someone to work with you to publish all of them.  Maybe a kickstart, maybe team up with a pro publisher??  I'd buy a set in a heart beat.

Rick, can I email some partial images to you for your approval so I can post to Joe's site or somewhere?

Warm regards, Craig B

(Riddle: How does a TFT player end up with half  a dragon and 3/4 of one or two small creatures?  Answer:  Let an IP attorney see them.)