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Re: Cidri

Hmm. I did something similar to that in one of my old campaigns. There were two surface worlds that both thought they were on a "hollow earth" type planet, and each believed the other  to be the interior part.

In fact it was a single coterminous planet with two exteriors in different dimensions, and some of the deep tunnels let you traverse your way from one to the other. Think of it as a sort of very complicated Klein Bottle. 


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On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 6:10 PM Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net> wrote:
There's nothing that Metagaming or Steve has written that says Cidri
is a ringworld or any other peculiar shape.

There have been various player discussions of various theories, of course.

I have problems with ringworld or "inside of a sphere" theories
because I'd want some good explanation about how the sky looks and
how/why that is. The natural appearance of a ring-shaped world where
centripetal force is used for gravity, would be that you'd see the
ring in the sky above. And many other practical issues that all have
me say nope. Some GM's have come up with ideas that satisfy them, though.

My own theory is that, since there have been so many Cidri campaigns
where GM's have made various different choices about astronomy,
number of moons, stars, etc, and many of which even have various
somewhat different versions of Elyntia and/or Ardoniraine and
surrounding lands, and so on, and are invited by ITL to do whatever
they want ad infinitum (and also because I think being one gigantic
ball planet would also have many practical issues I don't want to
rationalize), is:

I theorize Cidri as a collection of a large (and possibly growing)
number of worlds, many of which are somewhat connected by gates or
other M'noren devices. So they can naturally have different numbers
of moons, different other properties, have some similar areas which
are otherwise different, and so on. Some of them might even be
magical or imaginary planes, or who knows what.

And for every actual world, there could be countless cosmological
theories, many of them held as truth by various people. Hyberius
Plork may be convinced he's proved Cidri is an 8-dimensional Dyson
Moebius Strip... ok... Vebb The Brilliant is equally certain he knows
it's a Turtle World.

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