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Re: (TFT) copyrights...

"C. Michel Boucher" <alsandor@netcom.ca> wrote:
> icon a écrit:
> > who does hold the copyright? an individual or a company? just curious if
> > anyone knows..... I always wondered what the deal was on that.
> From what I understand, Howard Thompson has the copyrights.  And Howard is
> incommunicado, so the point is moot.

Specifically, the copyright is held by Metagaming Concepts Inc.  My guess
is that this is a different corporation to hold the Interplay rights
separate from the Metagaming Inc. corporation.

I wonder if Howard's traceable through the corporate paperwork; either
he's still filing tax returns for the corp, has sold it or has dissolved it.
If the latter, I wonder what happens to the copyrights...

This is about the only time I've ever wished I was a lawyer :)

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