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Re: (TFT) copyrights...

Joe Hartley a écrit:

> > From what I understand, Howard Thompson has the copyrights.  And Howard is
> > incommunicado, so the point is moot.
> Specifically, the copyright is held by Metagaming Concepts Inc.  My guess
> is that this is a different corporation to hold the Interplay rights
> separate from the Metagaming Inc. corporation.

Actually, Metagaming Concepts is the original name of Metagaming, the name they
used to publish Monsters! Monsters! and The Ythri.  You can check on the
complete index for such occurences.  I suspect that Metagaming Concepts Inc. and
Metagaming Inc. would be found to be one and the same.  My understanding of the
issue is that Howard Thompson owns the copyright to TFT as he personally refused
to sell it to Steve Jackson.  If anyone has any more information, I'd sure like
to hear it :-)  But I would conclude that Howard Thompson was synonymous with
Metagaming Concepts Inc., also known as Metagaming Inc. and Games Research Group
(incorporated 01JAN1982).

Mike Arms (sandia!marms@unmvax.cs.unm.edu) and I had an exchange back in late
January 1991 where he gave me the following info.  I had asked him if Trace
Hallowell (who was one of the designers on FISTFUL OF TURKEYS) , a friend of
his, had any idea who owned the copyright to TFT and he replied:

    >Does Trace have any idea who owns the copyright for The Fantasy Trip?

    I know with almost certainty that Howard Thompson, the owner of Metagaming,
    holds the copyright for "The Fantasy Trip". It was discussed on r.g.b some
    time back that Steve Jackson (of SJG, Ogre, GEV, etc) had approched Howard
    to purchase the rights to TFT. Howard wanted some outrageous $$ figure
    (somewhat due to some ill feelings between the two of them).

The same story shows up in an early issue of Vindicator.


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