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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT copyrights

Philip wrote:

>It sounds as if Thompson bears some animosity toward Steve Jackson of SJG
>and refused to sell him the rights to TFT out of spite.  A twist of irony
>would be if Thompson were to sell the TFT rights to Steve Jackson (the

I don't believe that Thompson bore any ill will towards Steve
Jackson.  He did, after all, sell him the rights to Ogre and
GEV as well as allow SJG to take over publication of "The 
Space Gamer".

I believe that Thompson probably viewed TFT as the means by
which he might have been able to save the company or even
revive it at some future point.  Hence the reason he was 
reluctant to let it go.

There is also evidence that HT believed the gaming industry
was doomed.  The game wasnt the important thing any more, 
packaging. component quality and presentation were.  I think
that he was reluctant to release TFT and see it suffer this


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