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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT copyrights

Dan Tulloh a écrit:

> I don't believe that Thompson bore any ill will towards Steve
> Jackson.  He did, after all, sell him the rights to Ogre and
> GEV as well as allow SJG to take over publication of "The
> Space Gamer".

My understanding is that Howard set a price three times higher than he would
have asked of anyone else when Steve Jackson offered to buy TFT.  Jackson
couldn't afford it.

My further understanding (although I don't know the perticklers) is that there
was indeed a fair amount of recrimination between Howard and Steve Jackson.

OGRE was copyrighted in Steve Jackson's name (third edition says so), not
Metagaming.  Of course, this was the first microgame and Howard might have
been generous, thinking it might not go far.  I don't really know for sure,
but it would seem logical.  We need more solid info and less guessing :-)


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