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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT copyrights

WarPlayer@aol.com a écrit:

> >In short, game mechanics and terms aren't protected by copyright -- just the
> >exact written text & pictures of a game-related work.
>      This may be the letter of the law, but I doubt it would hold up
> against a well financed legal team.  If it would, then Wizards of the
> Coast would not have won their copyright battle against several CCG
> publishers, and it seems from all that I have read that they have won the
> battle.

Stop thinking in such limited terms.  Publish material on a site in Zimbabwe :-)

Actually, if we're afraid to even discuss these things for fear of awakening the
Howard, um...what are we doing here?  This strict an interpretation makes zines
impossible (no stories based on characters, no discussion of game features), but
we know they exist.  Furthermore, I believe the debate would occur only if an
ambiguity were introduced as to the ownership of the specific characteristics of
TFT.  If we place a clear statement saying that all the terms used herein are
copyright © 19yadda yadda Metagaming etc etc for the TFT system of that company,
and that we are not laying claim to the original work published by Howard
Thompson (whether he had anything to do with it or not), there shouldn't be any
problem.  And I believe that laying original claim to already published material
is what constitutes a primary breach of copyright, the second is unauthorized use
of long portions without permission.  We don't intend to do either.  And even if
we did, we're not doing it for money.  Of course, I'm not a USAian so I don't
know what convoluted and litigious interpretation has been applied to the concept
of intellectual property in USAia.  Of course, it's Sunday morning...what do I
know ;-)


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