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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT copyrights

At 03:21 AM 7/5/98 EDT, WarPlayer@aol.com wrote:
>> In short, game mechanics and terms aren't protected by copyright -- just
>> the exact written text & pictures of a game-related work.
>     This may be the letter of the law, but I doubt it would hold up 
>against a well financed legal team.  If it would, then Wizards of the 
>Coast would not have won their copyright battle against several CCG 
>publishers, and it seems from all that I have read that they have won the 

Do you have court citations I can look up on these cases? In my experience,
intellectual property cases that haven't fit the letter of the law DON'T
"win" -- the smaller company settles out of court and it never goes to a
judge or jury. That, and it was my understanding that WotC was trying to
defend _Magic_ on *patent* grounds rather than copyright (which, again, is a
different area of law ... although their patent is rather screwy, too).

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