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Re: (TFT) Introduction - OT allready :o)

C. Michel Boucher wrote:
> Chris Nicole a écrit:
> > My name is Chris Nicole, I'm a wargamer and roleplayer living with two
> > guinea pigs in Hull, England.
> How do you find roleplaying with guinea pigs?  Personally, I think the squeaks
> are too contrived, especially when you roll on your FQ (Fridge Quotient) :-)
> Besides, they always want to chew on the character pieces rather than move
> them.  Ours is no longer allowed to play role-playing games, but we let her
> play bridge every now and then :-)

I haven't tried roleplaying with my current pair, though one of my first
GP's took part (briefly) in a game of D&D as a wandering monster. He got
banned for nibbling figures. The two I have now tend to play their own
games like; Follow the Piggie, King of the Castle and Hide and Squeek.
If they did play RPG's, Whiskey Pig would be a fighter. Brandy would be
some variety of mystic or MU/Thief, he's already pretty adept at
invisibility, hiding in shadows and stealing veggies. :o)

I suspect JRR Tolkein kept Guinea Pigs, where else would he get the idea
for Hobbits from?

home loving,
huge appetites,
gentle nature,
courage in adversity,
hairy feet.


Chris Nicole from Hull	
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