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(TFT) Introduction

I've been lurking on this list for a couple of days and thought it was
time I introduced myself.

My name is Chris Nicole, I'm a wargamer and roleplayer living with two
guinea pigs in Hull, England. I have been gaming for about 20 years. The
first board game I bought was SJ's OGRE (Metagaming 2nd Edition), I
still have it and still play it occasionally. 

I have played TFT:ITL since the early 80's, It's my all time favourite
RPG. I play a lot more AD&D but TFT is the only role playing game I Game
Master. Until a few wheeks ago I was actually running a TFT campaign
playing once a week since last October. Usually I convert low level AD&D
adventures for TFT, some of my favourites are from old magazine
scenarios e.g. early White Dwarf or Dragon mags. I am taking a break to
prepare the next adventure while another player runs Deadlands.

I run TFT:ITL using Advanced Wizard and the basic Melee combat system.
We play out combat using miniatures with a few house rules for active
defences, i.e. I allow parry attempts at the cost of an attack and/or
shield blocks on a DX roll. Generally I find TFT encourages a free form
style of game, the mechanisms are simple and flexible enough to cover
most common situations and allow the GM to interpret a likely (or
dramatic) outcome for the oddities.
One of the features I particularly like about Melee is that when a
character is wounded it tends to knock them out of the fight without
neccesarily killing them. A few have been seriously hurt, usually Dougie
the Reptile man (He never learns!) but we have played for about six
months without killing a player character. TFT lets you take prisoners,
try doing that in D&D! 

I am very pleased this list has come up. I tried a search for TFT
related articles a few months back and came up with very little, though
I did manage to find and buy a copy of the Fantasy Masters Codex. I have
most of the published TFT products, I am still looking for a copy of
"Forest Lords of Dihad" and a couple of the Micro Quests.

Thanks, I am looking forward to participating in this list.


Chris Nicole from Hull	
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