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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT copyrights


At 02:21 PM 7/3/98 -0500, you wrote:

>No. Though most gaming companies want you to think it is.

Two game companies want you to think it is. Most of the rest are more

Random note: According to the copyright law, _the method of playing a game_
explicitly *cannot* be copyrighted. Which means, at least as I understand
it (IANAL!) one could write one's own set of rules for, say, AD&D...as long
as one didn't copy any of the original text verbatim...and sell same. Of
course, since the function of the US justice system is to determine who has
the most money, not who has the legally sound position, such a person would
get their socks sued off...but according to the law (as opposed to
according to the lawyers) they'd be right.

Regarding the original TFT rights: Yes, the asking price for the TFT rules
was $250K. It was reduced in negotiations, but not far enough. There was
animosity involved, but clearly that wasn't the only factor, since he
*still* hasn't sold those rights to anyone. [_Heroic Worlds_ and personal
communication with SJ]

Many years ago, my boyfriend was interested in buying a wrecked Alfa Romeo,
which had been in a local junkyard for ages, as a parts car for an Alfa he
was restoring. The junkyard owner was asking some outrageous price -- in
fact, more than the going price for such a car in running condition -- in
the firm belief that the car was worth that or more, and if he held onto it
long enough, he would find someone who would pay him umpteen thousand
dollars for it. Well...that car rusted into a pile of scrap in the end. I
have a feeling that something of the same has gone on here.

-- Jean

   Wintertree Software


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