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Re: (TFT) Copyright question.

At 03:43 AM 7/5/98 -0500, you wrote:

>Frankly, I'd like to see someone crazy enough to draw legal fire on these
>grounds just for the chance to bring these points out and render the patent
>invalid. Unfortunately, insanity just doesn't seem to be too common in the
>CCG business; most people just don't challenge lawsuits of any kind, even
>when they're spurious.

Well, can *you* afford to take on WotC's lawyers?

Doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong -- how big a lawyer can you
afford? If you don't have Peter Adkison's multiple millions, you're wrong,
no matter what the law states.

By the way, the patent filing date is a non-issue: The date given on the
patent is for an amended filing, and the original was in fact filed within
the time limit. Prior art, though, certainly applies. I'd propose "Nuclear
War", "Illuminati", and "Cosmic Encounter" as prior art.

-- Jean

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