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(TFT) Re: Magic Card clones (off-topic)

Martin Gallo at martimer@mindspring.com on 7/5/98 11:32 AM said:

>Is there anything in the copyright law preventing me from creating some
>magic cards and selling them? I would, of course, not use any of their art,
>but I would use the card layout (strength, etc.) and color scheme (as I
>believe they may have a copyright on the mana symbols).

You bet there is, Marty. Not only does copyright prohibit you creating 
cards designed for use with the Magic game, but Wizards of the Coast has 
a PATENT on their form of card gaming. Duplicating their card layout and 
color scheme would probably net you a "look and feel" copyright violation 
lawsuit, even without the patent. Not a good idea.

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MC+ Creations Game Design and Consulting
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