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(TFT) Are we still Rpg'ing? & Intro

ok, so all us old TFT'ers predate dinosaurs...

I've been Rpg'ing since 82 or so. My games have been TFT, early gurps ala
man to man, mostly Hero games system games...champions, justice inc, danger
international, mercenaries spies and private eyes.

now i game mostly on IRC. Its relatively easy to find gamers. 

Im a programmer by trade. I love movies, read some... i need to rest my
eyes after staring at gamma, beta, zeta, and albino rays coming from my CRT.

Ive never really lost my zeal for adventuring.

I'm glad theres a tft list... reminds me of the good ol'days :)

Thats about it for me... nice ta meetcha!

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