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Re: (TFT) Superhero combat microgames

amorris5@concentric.net at amorris5@concentric.net on 7/9/98 7:56 AM said:

>>Hey, what an extraordinarily good idea! A superhero combat micro-game! 
>>Maps, character sheets, stand-up cardboard figures, and a small-format 
>>rulebook! No GM required! Wish I'd thought of that.
>>Well, wish I'd CHARGED for it, anyway! <grin>
>Based on Ron's Superheroes in TFT rules, no doubt...

In fact I wasn't aware of any "superheroes in TFT" rules anywhere except 
the ones Greg Poehlein and I developed for the ORIGINAL "In the Name of 
Justice!" which was set in type but never released by Metagaming. (It 
would have been the next MicroGame...had there BEEN a "next" MicroGame. 
Following close behind it was "High Noon", a western TFT variant 
developed by David Tepool.)

Please tell me where to find those "Superheroes in TFT" rules. I'd love 
to see what someone else came up with and compare them to the "official" 
In the Name of Justice approach.

>Actually, Bruce and co. have been working on a project like this for some 
>time.  Initially it was using simplified Hero rules, but once the merger 
>with Fuzion/RTG took place, a lot of the rework effort they found had 
>been done for them.

I applaud their efforts, and I'll probably pick up a copy of the game 
just for completeness sake, even though I don't play either 
Hero/Champions of Fuzion/Champions. In the Name of Justice! (the new 
version, based on the PlainLabel Role Playing System) was released as a 
freebie at Origins '96 and has been available on our web site ever since 
as a PDF file. It was intended as sort of a "preview" of our upcoming 
TOMORROW'S HEROES full role playing system, but it is a stand-alone game 
in its own right, complete with maps, standup counters, etc.

I think the world can stand to have two such games out there. Maybe more. 
(Heck, I was looking forward to the release of West End Games DC Universe 
game as much as anyone, and I have a "competing" game in the works!) I 
was just amused that someone else thought it was a good idea, too.

I'm half-tempted to "colorize" the black-and-white stand-up counters and 
the maps and release it again as "In the Name of Justice! -- Deluxe 
Edition" for those folks that have the newer high-quality color inkjet 
printers.   :)

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MC+ Creations Game Design and Consulting
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