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Re: (TFT) Superheroes in TFT

Guy McLimore wrote:
> amorris5@concentric.net at amorris5@concentric.net on 7/9/98 7:56 AM said:
> >
> >Based on Ron's Superheroes in TFT rules, no doubt...
> >;-)
> In fact I wasn't aware of any "superheroes in TFT" rules anywhere except
> the ones Greg Poehlein and I developed for the ORIGINAL "In the Name of
> Justice!" which was set in type but never released by Metagaming. 
> Please tell me where to find those "Superheroes in TFT" rules. I'd love
> to see what someone else came up with and compare them to the "official"
> In the Name of Justice approach.

Superheroes in TFT - Outline for a Superhero Campaign in TFT
by Ronald Pehr.
Space Gamer #65 - Sept/Oct 1983

New rules, talents & powers. Five pages of text plus a character record
sheet and cover page.

There are some very useful ideas for playing TFT in a modern setting.
They include modern talents, firearms,  improving talents and a few

I have a basic index of TFT articles published in Space/Fantasy Gamer.
Note: It is not complete, it just covers the magazines I have (or had)
copies of. I will post it separately to the TFT list as it may be
helpfull to some of you.


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