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(TFT) TFT Articles (partial) index

This is my list of TFT Articles from the Space Gamer. 
It only covers the issues I own:
Space Gamer 	21, 23, 24, 
		30, 33, 37, 38, 39, 
		50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59,
		60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69,
		70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, (Final Issue)
Fantasy Gamer	1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 
VIP of Gaming	1, 2, 3,	VIP briefly hosted Space Gamer 
Space Gamer II	1, 2,

If anyone knows where I could fill out my collection, I would be very
pleased to hear from them.

Some of these are generic articles I have found useful in TFT.

The format is, Article Title - Magazine (TSG = The Space Gamer) # issue
number, Author.
Brief description of contents. 
                                TFT ARTICLES

The Deryni - TSG #21, Ronald Pehr.
"The Fantasy Trip meets Katherine Kurtz"
Psionic demi-humans, TFT gaming notes.

Know Thyself - TSG #23, Brian McCue.
"A personal evaluation system for ITL"
Turn players into characters.

Attributes of the Deryni - TSG #23, Neill E. Frzzell.
"More on the Deryni"
Gaming notes to follow up TSG #21.

Vikings in Melee - TSG #23, Ronald Pehr.
"Fitting Norsemen into TFT"
Scenario setup for MELEE, Vikings and Saxons.

The Valde - TSG #23, Ronald Pehr.
"More Characters for TFT"
Empathic demi-human Amazons, MELEE /WIZARD gaming notes.

Ships and Swords  Naval Melee - TSG #24, Glenn L. Williams.
"Official" TFT article approved by Steve Jackson.
Rules, Gaming notes & scenarios.

Index to Game Articles - TSG #30
A guide to all game articles in TSG issues 15-29

The Alien - TSG #37, Andrew Elovich and Forrest Johnson
"For sadistic DM's: the Alien for D&D, TFT and Traveller.
Based on the creature from the first Alien film.

The Lords of UnderEarth - TSG #38, Keith Gross
"Designers notes for Metagaming's new Microgame"

Magic Contest Results - TSG #39,
Several usefull new spells, potions and items.

Simple Traps - TSG #39, Lewis Pulsipher
Seven trap outlines for frp (generic)

Remedial Roleplaying - TSG #47, Aaron allston and Ronald Pehr
"Getting more out of roleplaying than just bashing monsters" (Generic

Kimberani?s Tomb - TSG#47, David Ladyman
4th Level D&D tournament tomb robbery adventure.
(Convertable to TFT)

Cumulative Game Index - TSG #50
"A guide to every game-related article from TSG's 15-49"

Naked Elf Women - TSG #50, Dennis Loubet
"Our Art director unleashes his second favourite fantasy"

Handicapped Characters in TFT - TSG #51, Forrest Johnson.
"They're less than perfect, but they have their good points"
Handicaps and character disadvantages, exchange for extra starting
attribute points.

Minor Institutions of Cidri - TSG #52, Forest Johnson.
"The between-game lives of solitaire TFT characters"
Mercenary Wills, the Apprentice Exchange, Jailhouse Blues.

Magic Backlash in TFT - TSG #54, Richard A. Edwards.
Fumble rules for Wizards.

Megahexes - TSG #54 Bob Hansle
Creating durable play aids for FRP

Advanced Campaigning: Fantasy - TSG #55 Aaron Allston
"Improving your FRP gamemastering"

Metamorphosing Monsters - TSG #56, Steve Jackson.
"Adapting D & D creatures to TFT"

More Handicaps in TFT - TSG #57 - Ralph Sizer.
"Another load of character disabilities"
Followup to article in #51

Character backgrounds for FRP - TSG #60, Ronald Pehr.
"Easy histories and abilities for FRP characters."
Generic but very usefull for TFT

Starleader: Assault! - TSG #61, William A. Barton
Featured Review

Economics in TFT - TSG #61, Ronald Pehr.
"New jobs and money for the TFT character"

The haunting of Harkwood - TSG #63, Aaron Aliston,
Medieval generic/TFT adventure - Something nasty in the woods.

Superheroes in TFT - TSG #65, Ronald Pehr.
New rules, skills & powers for TFT in modern settings.

Converting TFT Characters to T&T - TSG #71, Tom Riley

Man to Man - TSG #76, Steve Jackson
Designers notes for GURPS Melee rules includes "Comparing MTM with TFT"

Fantasy Trip Talents: Expanded and Abbreviated - TSGII #2, Lawrence
Talent Abbreviation/acronyms for TFT +  New talents.

TFT gaming notes for Vampire Trap - Fantasy Gamer #4, Steve Jackson
Djinns and spirit binding spells

The Solimar Quest - FG #4, Bill Jackson, W.G. Armintrout, Scott Haring
High Level TFT/Generic FRP Tournament adventure

Lost Inheritance - FG#6, David Dunham
Extra-dimensional generic FRP adventure

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