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Re: (TFT) Superhero combat microgames

>>Based on Ron's Superheroes in TFT rules, no doubt...
>In fact I wasn't aware of any "superheroes in TFT" rules anywhere except 
>the ones Greg Poehlein and I developed for the ORIGINAL "In the Name of 
>Justice!" which was set in type but never released by Metagaming. (It 
>would have been the next MicroGame...had there BEEN a "next" MicroGame. 
>Following close behind it was "High Noon", a western TFT variant 
>developed by David Tepool.)
>Please tell me where to find those "Superheroes in TFT" rules. I'd love 
>to see what someone else came up with and compare them to the "official" 
>In the Name of Justice approach.

Space Gamer, issue #65.  Not a bad job considering all that it had to 
tackle in relatively few pages, though there were a few loopholes that 
made for interesting achilles heels if one wasn't careful.

--Andrew M. 

--Andrew M.
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