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(TFT) AUCTION: Steve Jackson MicroGame: Wizard (fwd)

I found this in rec.games.frp.marketplace - anyone interested should
reply directly to aeverett@my-dejanews.com, *not* to me or the list!

>>>>> Forwarded message from aeverett@my-dejanews.com (Al Everett)

I am auctioning a copy of the Microgame: Wizard. Its full title is:

                            The Fantasy Trip
                              MicroGame 6

It is subtitled as: "A Metagaming MicroGame, Copyright 1978 by Steve

This game goes back to the dim and distant past of Fantasy
Role-Playing. I would be happy to provide more details if you wish.
Drop me an e-mail.

Its condition is Near Mint. It has never been played. The rules
booklet hasn't been read. The map hasn't been unfolded. The cardboard
counters are all still attached. I would rate it as Mint except it has
been opened.

	Shadowmage           $3.00
Auction Rules:

1. All bids must be sent to: aeverett@my-dejanews.com
2. The top three bidders will be listed. In the event that the top
bidder fails to make payment, it will be offered to the next highest
bidder at their bid price. If that bidder fails to make payment, it
will be offered to the third bidder.
3. Bid amounts included shipping to U.S. Addresses. For all others
shipping is extra.
4. Bidding will continue until no new high bids are received for three
consecutive days. Bids should be made in U.S. Dollars with a minimum
increment of $0.25.
5. Bid updates will be posted daily to rec.games.frp.marketplace. If
you wish updates to be mailed to you directly, tell me when you send
in your bid.

Bids and questions should be sent to aeverett@my-dejanews.com.

<<  End forwarded message

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