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(TFT) Fw: Introducing myself

>I just joined the list the other day and finished reading the archives
>To keep it short,  played tft in high school in the early eighties. We
>played for hours on end and I had all of the series except for DT2 and
>Orbquest. I had given up on ever getting them until I did a search on the
>net awhile back.  A friend helped me get them and also generously gave me a
>set of Interplay magazines.  It is the only RPG game I play(I prefer
>I have never been to a gaming convention and have never written a game nor
>playtested for anyone... I just play.
>In regards to the copyright posts;  If one of us were to add some "house
>rules", new spells, a new microquest etc...and distributed it free what
>would be done!?!?
>Second question: I had heard through my local hobby shop that Mr. Thompson
>had "slipped out the back door in the middle of the night" kind of thing.
>Was he in some kind of legal trouble?? Why has he been out of sight for so
>long? Is anyone actively "looking" for him?
>Third question:  I know where the Silver Dragon is hidden is it OK that I
>get it since Metagaming is out of business?        ;-)
>Lastly:  Guy McLimore,  I recognized your name from Grail Quest.  I really
>enjoyed playing it!!
>Chris Savage

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