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Re: (TFT) Fw: Introducing myself

"Chris Savage" <Deacon@strato.net> wrote:
> >I just joined the list the other day and finished reading the archives
> >today.

Welcome to the list!

> A friend helped me get them and also generously gave me a
>set of Interplay magazines. 

An extremely generous friend!  If you ever find any more copies, let me

> >In regards to the copyright posts;  If one of us were to add some "house
> >rules", new spells, a new microquest etc...and distributed it free what
> harm
> >would be done!?!?

That's the $64,000 question :)  The whole FRP hobby doesn't exist without
the games and fans who are willing to go to some extraordinary lengths
to sustain and extend a particular system...  including the 40 currently
subscribed to this list.  It's clear that when Metagaming was an active
concern, they encouraged this active participation by us, the loyal
public.  Articles and micro-microquests in Interplay and active solicitation
for game ideas really helped build a communal spirit around TFT (and that
other RPG too).

The eternal optimist in me thinks that if he were to ever resurface,
Howard Thompson would favor us with support for our continuing efforts
in keeping TFT alive (especially since we'd be the first coughing up the
cash for any new product!), but the realist knows that he's just as likely
to send the lawyers first, and ask questions later.

> >Second question: I had heard through my local hobby shop that Mr. Thompson
> >had "slipped out the back door in the middle of the night" kind of thing.
> >Was he in some kind of legal trouble?? Why has he been out of sight for so
> >long?  Is anyone actively "looking" for him?

Sorry, *those* are the $64K questions!  While I have no knowledge of how
or why he dropped out of sight, I don't believe it was as furtive as Tubby
at The Android's Dungeon might lead one to believe.

> >Third question:  I know where the Silver Dragon is hidden is it OK that I
> >get it since Metagaming is out of business?        ;-)

Check out Interplay #1 - it has a first-hand account of the finding of the
Dragon.  No one seems to know the fate of the golden unicorn, though.

> >Lastly:  Guy McLimore,  I recognized your name from Grail Quest. 

Personally, I'm extremely pleased to have Guy with us.  He's a fount of
knowledge regarding TFT, and seems to be an awfully pleasant guy, to boot!

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