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Here is the response I got from Dale Larson concerning using the Cyberboard
in a multiuser environment.  I thought the rest of the mailing list might
find it interesting.
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From: Dale Larson <dlarson@execpc.com>
To: _Shiva_ <doucets@email.msn.com>
Date: Monday, July 13, 1998 8:18 AM
Subject: Re:

Hi Shawn,

>Joe Hartley, a gentleman I met through the TFT (an old out of print
>microgame) mailing list has told me a bit about your cyberboard.  It a very
>origonal concept.  I was wondering though if it would be possible to create
>a multiuser cyberboard.  I'm not sure how hard it is to program internet
>protocols.  Would it be possible (if both people owned the games and any
>associated cyberboard files) to create something where two (or more) people
>could play head to head in real time?

It's certainly possible. In fact, right now, people can use MSoft's
freeware program to do it using the application sharing functionality. This
be done without any changes to CyberBoard.

>Also I read your beta release policy.  If I were to download cyberboard and
>create images and or protocols for a certain game would I be able to
>transfer them from one version to the next?

I make every effort to make sure files will upgrade when loaded into
CyberBoard. To date this has always been the case. That being said I can't
guarantee this will always be the case. ;)

Dale Larson
The CyberBoard PBEM aid is at:


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