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(TFT) TFT "Collectables"?

What is the deal with some of the outrageous pricing I've seen on TFT items?  I just saw a bid for $20 on a (NM) copy of Wizard where the next highest bid was $10 and the one prior to that was $5.  

When did TFT (and all the other Metagaming stuff) become collectables?  

I've never quite understood the whole principle of collectables, but to me, an item's worth is only the most someone is willing to pay just for the pleasure of having that item and in the case of a microgame, the most someone is willing to pay in order to play that game.

Judging from the posts I've read on this list and others, it seems as if most of the people playing the games have been able to acquire copies for fairly reasonable prices (although I can empathize with a willingness to shell out a few extra bucks to complete a set).  So, are the people buying and selling these games as "collectables" actually realizing any kind of profit? 

You'll have to excuse the ranting and raving, but it really irks me to think that there's a game out there not being played because someone has slapped a $50 price tag on it and called it a "collectable".


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