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Re: (TFT) TFT "Collectables"?

Philip Wiles wrote:
> What is the deal with some of the outrageous pricing I've seen on TFT items?  I just saw a bid for $20 on a (NM) copy of Wizard where the next highest bid was $10 and the one prior to that was $5.

Since the bid you're referring to is mine, I'll explain.  That's how
much it's worth to ME.  It was my initial bid.  I'm not terribly
concerned with how much anyone else is willing to pay, or if it's
"collectable" or not.  I enjoy the game.  I sometimes buy copies of
games so that I can give them to freinds.  Sometimes I'll re-sell games
I no longer play at a loss, to an individual I think will actually play
the games.  I don't speculate.

> When did TFT (and all the other Metagaming stuff) become collectables?

The instant they were no longer easily available.  Sure copies get dug
out of the back rooms of game shops from time to time, but this is
becoming rarer and rarer the longer  the games stay out of production. 
I just don't believe there's a $3.95 copy of Wizard out there for
everyone who'd like one anymore.  It's the old supply and demand thing.

> You'll have to excuse the ranting and raving, but it really irks me to think that there's a game out there not being played because someone has slapped a $50 price tag on it and called it a "collectable".

Trust me, there are people out there willing to spend more than that on
a game only to tear the shrink wrap off and gleefully  play the hell out
of it.  Seeing all the TFT stuff and some of the other SJG micros
republished, at reasonable prices, would make my day.  They make great
stocking stuffers!

Paul MacDonald
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