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Re: (TFT) TFT "Collectables"?

"Philip Wiles" <PAW@merichem.com> wrote:
> What is the deal with some of the outrageous pricing I've seen on TFT items?


> When did TFT (and all the other Metagaming stuff) become collectables?  

Probably shortly after it went out of print - that's when the hoarders
swoop in, buy the lot, and hope to hold on to it until it's a sucker's^W
collector's item.

Fortunately for us, it seems someone (Chessex?) had purchased the remaining
Metagaming inventory found in a warehouse somewhere, and many Metagaming
titles are available at reasonable prices, and are brand-new.

As an example, here are some items I bought _brand new_, the price I paid,
and Earthsea's price:

        Item                       Paid                 Earthsea
Fantasy Master's Codex            $11.95                 $16.00
Fantasy Master's Screen           $ 7.95                 $20.00
Lords of Underearth               $ 7.95                 $17.00
Warrior-Lords of Darok            $14.00                 $30.00

Oh, I went back to Earthsea's page and must make a correction; Tollenkar's
Lair is not $100, it's $65 - it's the used (but EX) copy of ITL that's $100.

I just don't get it, myself.  If I was still looking for any TFT items, I
might drop them a line telling them they're way off base, but I'm content
to let them sit on an inventory they'll never sell - at least at their 
current prices!

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