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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Articles (partial) index

"Chris Savage" <Deacon@strato.net> wrote:
> I think he only had
> 2 or 3 issues and was asking (sit down and take a deep breath) 20 bucks a
> issue.  He also had some "Hitlers War" games, wanted $50.00 for those
> babies.

!!!  That's as astounding to me as the pricing over at Earthsea Games (the
idjits who want $100 for a copy of Tollenkar's Lair).  Over the past 2
months, I've aquired all of TFT, starting with a copy of Melee, Wizard and
3 Microquests.  It's all cost me under $200, so it's possible to avoid
paying totally outrageous prices.

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