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(TFT) Full collection, and opening PBEM Microquest requests

OK, I've had a pretty good day today :)

My copy of Forest-Lords of Dihad arrived today, giving me (after only
21 years!) a full collection of TFT games.  I _will_ restrain myself from
moving on to trying to aquire all the magazines that have TFT-related
articles!  I'm also wrapping up a mother of a consulting gig this week.

To celebrate, I'll ease into becoming a full FM by running a PBEM 
Microquest.  This will run with Melee/Wizard rules (not the Advanced for
now), and will use my own modification for turn sequencing (actions
occur simultaneously rather than by adjDX, but all rules of engagement,
facing, etc. still apply).

I'd like to play this with either one or two people running the team
through the MQ - more than that and it would get too complicated.  I'll
be happy to play any MQ desired except for Master of the Amulets; that
would require a bunch more work to get the maps and all into a PBEM set.

This PBEM quest will use the gamebox under development by Walt O'Hara 
and myself.  It requires the use of Dale Larson's CyberBoard program
which is only available for Win95/NT4 at this time.  Also, I will send
the gamebox only to people who own one or more of the TFT games, which
I verify by asking a question for you to look up in the book, like the
old "page x, line y, word z" method of software protection.  Since you'll
need a copy of Wizard and Melee to play anyway, that shouldn't be too

If you're interested (and can make the commitment to play the whole MQ
through), drop me a line.  I'm very excited about this, and can't wait
to start!

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