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(TFT) What do y'all think of this idea?

Folks --

I wanted to kick this around the list, since although it isn't directly
TFT-related, it was inspired by Nils' story about playing TFT in a Roy
Rogers with, to say the least, minimal equipment!

I've found a source for a product which does quasi-dice with little discs
in a plastic case. (you'd sort of have to see it...) The idea is that you
put your business card in there on one side and have something like a craps
game or a lottery number picker on the other. Or...a roleplaying game!

Three weeks to GenCon, and I'm whipping up a "lite" version of a set of RPG
rules that I've been working on for ages. (don't we all have one?) The
essential charts will go on the insert in the plastic box. There will
probably be a single-page rule sheet as well, to get people started. The
game dingus itself is 3 7/8" by 2 1/2" by 5/16" thick: perfect to stuff
into your pocket for gaming any time.

Whaddya think: Do I have the ultimate microgame here? Or did I just order a
ton of little doohickeys that I'm going to be looking at for the next decade?

-- Jean

   Wintertree Software


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