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Re: (TFT) Auction prices & micro-games (fwd)

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FAt 09:33 AM 7/15/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Jean, will you be putting up details about your pocket game on your web page
>?  I couldn't find anything. (I'm in Australia so the Web reaches us faster
>than gencon)

When there's something to post. Development just started last night. 8-)

I ordered a hundred of the dice doohickeys this afternoon (complete with
silver holographic glitter stuff hot-stamped along the edges at a slight
extra charge). And I'm trying to find someone around here with a 600 dpi
laser printer.

I'm working with some of the basic elements of my unpublished "Arcana"
rules, although I'll have to toss out some of the really cool stuff. I'm
looking forward to showing this one to Steve Jackson: never mind One-Page
Bulge, how about the "Business Card RPG"? <g> That's basically what I have
to work with: Somewhat less than two sides of a business card. I'm
beginning to wonder if I should look for a source for those little Fresnel
magnifying lenses that are about the same size!

When I get some actual rules together, I'll post 'em to the list for
playtesting. Playtesters, of course, will get a copy of the final product.
Anyone who *is* going to GenCon, let me know -- I'll make sure you have one
so you can sit around playing it in the hallways, on the registration
lines, etc. <evil marketing grin>

Actually, I guess I should start up my own list... this is supposed to be
TFT, after all. 8-) I'm gonna have to read through my "Virtual Admin
Manual" for Winterhome, see how to set it up. Then I'll announce *that*
here, and get the little-plastic-RPG traffic off the TFT list.

-- Jean

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