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(TFT) Auction prices & micro-games

I have seen similar ridiculous prices paid for TFT. There was a set of AM,
AW & ITL went was at $100 before I switched off. I cry when I think my
copies were _thrown_ out during a move.

I hardly ever play any more but I regard myself more an enthusiast than a
collector. I haven't played Star Wars with a group yet, apart from Cons, but
have bought some gear and we probably pick up some more with the West End
Chapter 11 fire sale going on.

I've picked up Guy's Pocket Warrior game and I liked a lot about it. The
handy CD case, the card size layouts for PCs and items, very nice. What I
didn't like was the tables for each weapon, had me thinking Rolemaster,
_shudder_. (I've downloaded ITNOJ and will have a look at it soon)

A pocket size game which kids can have a school and pull out at lunch or at
the bus stop is a great idea.

I'm really waiting to see what Hero Games' Wildstrike! plays like. I enjoy
the flexibility of Hero but prefer the simplicity of TFT. I'm hoping this
will make a good balance.

Jean, will you be putting up details about your pocket game on your web page
?  I couldn't find anything. (I'm in Australia so the Web reaches us faster
than gencon)


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