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Re: (TFT) Re: Who owns ideas?

Brett Slocum at slocum@deliverator.io.com on 7/16/98 1:50 PM said:

>In the case of Art Buchwald, who sued a movie studio (can't remember which 
one) over 
>Eddie Murphy's 'Coming to America', it was definately not the case of who had 
the best 
>lawyers or most money. It came down to who could prove they were right to a 
jury. Art 
>Buchwald certainly didn't have the most money. He won.

I know nothing about this specific case, but I have to wonder if "Art 
Buchwald" (nationally known columnist) had been "Brett Slocum" or "Guy 
McLimore" (nobody anyone knows outside our families, friends and direct 
acquaintences) if the outcome might not have been very different.

Guy McLimore
Professional game designer and amateur cynic
MC+ Creations Game Design and Consulting
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